Dua For Evil Eye

Dua For Evil Eye Protection

Dua For The Evil Eye

Sometimes people intentionally cast evil eye on you. If you think that someone is jealous of your money, status, happiness or good looks and doesn’t bless you with the name of Allah and is always having a bad eye on you and your things, then it is suggested that you stay away from such a person.

Such people are likely to cast evil eye upon you. In order to escape from evil eye and its effect, you should immediately practice dua for evil eye and blow on yourself and the things you think are affected.

Evil eye may not necessarily be casted with intention. It may happen unintentionally too. Satan is always in search of a chance to worsen things for you or to harm you or your dear ones. When you don’t include the beautiful and glorious name of Allah Subana Wa Tala while praising something, then he is likely to enter and trouble that thing. At this time only dua for evil eye can secure you. If someone has manifested resent and envy on you and casted evil eye upon you, then dua for the evil eye is the best remedy for you.

An envier may bring misfortune or harm to you and it is done by eyes, without any involvement of hands and tongue. Hence, in order to weaken their envious nature and resent, you should practice dua for evil eye protection and Insha Allah, things will be fine. It will weaken the power of envier’s anger, hatred and jealousy and soon you will be out of its trap. You should practice dua for the evil eye with firm belief and faith till the time the effect of evil eye isn’t withdrawn.

This is why it is mandatory to say Masha Allah on your own blessing. Keep your child and expensive things out of the sight of everyone as it may attract their evil desires and jealousy and make you a victim of evil eye. The dua for evil eye is the only remedy to get rid of its effect. You should get the procedure of dua for evil eye protection from our molvi sb. He will give you the right directions to perform the dua. Insha Allah, soon you will see things changing for the better. If evil eye has affected your health, then you should take immediate action or it may even take your life.

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Protection Duas in Islam

Dua For Evil Eye Protection
You need to recite below-given dua for keeping evil eyes away from your loved ones.

Oo Izu Kuma Bi Kalimatil Laahit Taam Maah Min Kulli Shaitani Wa Hammatin Wa Min Kulli Aini

Recite this dua 7 times and blow on the person infected with evil eyes. Insha Allah, soon you will see withdrawal signs and that person will start changing for better.

You can also recite the last three surah of Quran shareef and blow on some water and then take bath with it daily for at least 10 to 20 days, till the symptoms disappear.

If you are facing serious problems in life, then speak to our molvi sb. immediately and he will give you personalized advice.

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