Dua For Evil Eye Protection From Quran

Dua for Evil Eye Protection from Quran

Evil eye is pretty real and it is bound to affect anyone and everyone. Hence, it is very essential for you to take precautions against it and keep you and your family secure from its effect. The dua for evil eye protection from Quran will keep you secured from all the bad impact of evil eye. It will never let any satanic deed affect you. Remember evil eye can even cause death. Hence it is not something which should be ignored. The dua for evil eye protection from Quran is your only remedy to avoid getting infected by it.

If you are worried for the safety of your family and you want to keep them protected and safeguarded from your enemies, from black magic or evil eye, then you should make dua for protection of family. The dua will help you in making things securer and safer for your family. Insha Allah, nothing will ever be able to harm or hurt your family. Your kids, parents and spouse will always be in the light of Allah Miyan and you in relief.

Dua for Protection of Family

Dua For Protection Of Family
You are always prone to accidents, health issues, satanic impacts and other malicious things. If you want to have safety circle around you, then dua for protection and safety will do it for you. It will keep you safeguarded and never let anything touch you, apart from your death. The dua for protection and safety will keep you secure from poisonous animals, natural hazards, black magic, evil eyes and other bad things which are around. It will make you safe and never let anything harm you. The dua for protection of family is meant to bring safety to everyone in your family.

Don’t worry! When you make dua for protection for family, you literally ask Allah Miyan to keep your family safeguarded and when Allah takes the rope in His hand, then nothing can harm you. So, you can be rest assured that everything will be happy and safe. The dua for protection for family can be acquired from our molvi sb. He will give you the right directions to perform the dua. So keep making the dua. You can recite the dua all your life to keep reaping its benefits for your family members. Often people are worried for their life, but remember, nothing can touch you or harm you until Allah wills and with the dua for evil eye protection from Quran makes you plead the Almighty for safety. So, nothing will ever harm you.

Dua For Protection and Safety

Dua For Protection And Safety
Dua for evil eye protection from Quran
is given below as:

“Auzu Bi Kalimatil Laahit Taam Maati Min Kulli Shainin Wa Hammah Wa Min Kulli Aynin Lammah”

Recite this ayat 11 times after every obligatory prayer of the day and blow on the person affected by evil eye for 11 days. Insha Allah, within no time, the person will be cured.

If the person is really suffering from very heavy fever or any other problem, then get instant help by consulting our Molvi sab for it.

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