Dua For Enemy

Dua For Protection from Enemy

Is your enemy threatening you? Is he troubling you and making things difficult for you? Do you want to make your enemy suffer? Do you want him to pay for all the bad things he has done to you? If yes, then you should make dua for protection from enemy and Insha Allah, the Almighty will deal with your enemy. When you rest your case with Allah, then He does the best justice for you. The dua for enemy will help you in getting justice for all the bad things which your enemy has done to you.

If you are troubled because you have fear of your life from your enemy, then you should recite dua for protection from enemy. The dua will secure you from all the bad and malicious attempts of your enemy. It will safeguard and you keep you in the light of Allah and remember, nothing can harm you until and unless Allah wills. So, you just have to make dua for protection from enemy and leave the rest on Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala and Insha Allah, soon things will become fine and better for you.

Dua for Victory Over Enemy

Dua For Protection From EnemyIf you and your enemy are professionally or personally always competing or your enemy attempts to harm you but you want to emerge victorious, then dua for victory over enemy will help you out. The dua will make your enemy lose in front of you. It will make all your efforts get result and he will stand no chance in front of you. No matter it is professional or personal, the situation will always be in your favor with the help of dua for victory over enemy. So, read the dua with great sincerity and dedication and Insha Allah, things will be fine.

If your enemy is way too powerful for you and you have no idea how to defeat him or to get victory over him, then dua for enemy will do it for you. Just recite the dua and Allah Talah will help you in getting all you want over your enemy. Insha Allah, you will never suffer any losses because of him. You can get the procedure of dua for victory over enemy from our molvi sb. He will provide you the step by step procedure of the dua and soon you will have favorable results for you. Make sure you follow his advice and do everything as he guides.

Powerful Dua For Enemy

Dua For Victory Over EnemyDua for enemy is given below:

“Allah Humma Munzilal Kitaba Mujriyas Sahabi Sari Al Hisabi Hazimal Ahzabi Ihzamhum”

This dua will subdue your enemy and never allow him to overpower you. You should recite this dua 100 times daily at any time of the day and then make dua for your enemy specifically.

Insha Allah, the Almighty will keep you safe and sound and make you victorious over your enemy. If your enemy threatens you or is after your life, then you should get personalized help from our molvi sb. He will give you the best solution for such problems.

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