Dua To Destroy Enemy

Dua To Destroy Enemy Immediately

You may have enemies in your life, even after living a simple and honest life. There may be people around who don’t like you, or hold jealousy against you. They may not even like your mere existence. They are enemies behind your back. If you think that you have a lot of such people in your life, then it is better that you pray for their destruction. The dua to destroy enemy is a great remedy to get rid of your known and unknown enemies from your life and live a happy and content life.

If there are people around you who don’t think good of you and try to harm you, humiliate you every now and then, you should leave such people in the hands of Allah Talah and make dua to destroy enemy immediately. The dua will create circumstances for their destruction and with time, they will disappear from your life. The dua to destroy enemy will help you in eradicating their presence from your life and they will never be able to interfere or do anything bad to you. The dua will secure you from their malicious attempts and they will find themselves in danger.

Dua To Destroy Enemy Forever

Dua To Destroy Enemy ForeverIf your enemy hates you to the extent that he can kill you or be happy seeing you dead, then you should make dua to destroy enemy forever. Such people aren’t good for you or your family. They should be kept as far away as possible. They should be dealt with great intelligence. Only Allah Talah can protect you from such people. The dua to destroy enemy immediately will safeguard you from the bad and hateful deeds of your enemy and Insha Allah, he will never be able to harm you.

As a person, you have the liberty to harm your enemy to the extent of the damage he has caused to you, but if you want to rest your case in the court of Allah Miyan, then you should make dua to destroy enemy forever and the Almighty will give the best punishment to your enemy. It is essential to discuss the process of dua to destroy enemy immediately with our molvi sb. before you start reciting it. With his expert guidance, you will be able to get exact results. So, speak to him and Insha Allah, he will give you the right advice.

Dua To Destroy Enemy

Dua To Destroy Enemy ImmediatelyDua to destroy enemy is given below as:

“Allah Humma Inni As Aluka Wa Ata Wajjah Ilaika Bi Muhammadin Nabiyyir Rehmati Ya Muhammadu Inni kad Tawajjahtu Bika Ila Rabbi Fi Hajati Hazihi Li Tukza Li Allah Humma Fa Shaffi Hu Fi”

Recite this dua after the namaz of Asr 111 times. Then reciting Surah Kausar 51 times and make dua to Allah Talah about your enemy’s destruction. Also, make sure you think about the destruction of your enemy while reciting this dua.

Insha Allah, in 21 days, you will witness some fruitful results for you. If you don’t get any results in 21 days, then come to us instantly and our Molvi sab will guide you.

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